About the Practitioner

Paul Estrella, Washington Lic. # MA-60244945

I was born in Arizona and moved to Oregon in 1982.  I completed a 720-hour training program at Concorde Career Institute of Oregon in 2006.

I believe that a deep tissue massage does not have to be painful or uncomfortable to be effective.  My technique allows for the client’s own body to determine the appropriate pressure needed for his or her session.  I am always open to meeting new people who are interested in the benefits of therapeutic touch.

In my many travels I have come to respect massage and what it can do for the body, mind, and heart. I see massage as a gift to you and your body.  When we take care of ourselves, we can give more to others.  Massage is a wonderful antidote for stress and pain as well as healing.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over Ten years, I have recently sold my ongoing practice in St. Helens Oregon called Zingti Massage, when I decided to move to the Washington Peninsula to Ocean Park. 

I plan on making Ocean Park my new home. I bring you the knowledge and my time as a LMT with these professional tools.

Past 7 years attended the World Massage Festival 

Been a CAM Provider for the past 7 years working with Dr's, PT's and Physical Fitness Instructors.

Taken 3 years of PRECISON MUSCULAR THERAPY and have used it with all my client including movement therapy.


I have worked as a front desk coordinator at two major health spas: MiiAmo Destination Spa in Sedona, AZ  (www.miiamo.com), and Ojai Valley inn and Spa in Ojai, CA (www.ojairesort.com)

email:  Zephyrmassagetherapy@yahoo.com or go to www.zephyr.massagetherapy.com 



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